Do virtual reality headsets damage your eyes?

Virtual reality is a powerful tool. When used properly, they can give you amazing experiences. But if they are used improperly, it can cause serious health problems. In this article, we will discuss how to avoid damaging your eyes when using VR headsets.

The emergence of Virtual reality in early 2018 as a mainstream entertainment technology has brought out a few health concerns about its application. Whenever a new user interface comes out, there is bound to be a discovery, a correction and then an assimilation phase.

Since VR is still in its discovery phase, we get to hear a lot of complaints from its first-time users.

Because of the excitement surrounding the technology, many new users jump in to try it without taking the time to understand how to use it.

Unlike the Smartphones of the 2010s, VR needs a more delicate hand holding and the users should take the time to read through the health advisory.

While most health warnings are statutory requirements and users never get to experience most of the issues, it is not the same case with VR headsets. it has become the norm when trying out a new piece of equipment. Such a disregard of instructions could prove dangerous if not fatal in case of virtual reality.

VR headsets can damage your eyes if they are not used properly. But when used as per the manufacturer’s instructions, they can be relatively safe.

Due to the closeness of VR screen to your eyes, the amount of light generated by the screen can affect your eyes permanently. To avoid that problem, use your headset with low brightness and low contrast.

Before you use the headset, adjust the lens according to your eyes’ requirement. Do not play with the headset before setting it up. If the interpupillary distance is not calibrated,  it may cause Vertigo.

If you get seasick on a boat, take a Dramamine tablet to avoid feeling motion sickness when using VR. Check with your doctor before taking any medication.

If you are using VR for the first time and you feel sick, stop the game immediately and lie down for a while. Sometimes motion sickness or nausea hits you a few minutes after you stop playing with VR, so do not walk or drive a vehicle immediately after a VR game.

High Energy Visible light rays or blue light hurts the human eye more than other frequencies. A good headset uses a set of filters within the lens to remove the blue light. Ensure your headset does this automatically or find your way around the settings to enable it. VR headsets create a darkroom effect for your eyes so even short duration exposure to high brightness or blue light will make it hard to sleep at night.

When your head movement is not needed in the game, close your eyes and rest them. It is also useful to slow down your main character as fast movement triggers motion sickness in most people.

Following these simple steps will help you protect your eyes from the potential problems of VR usage.

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