I Watched VR Porn & I Love It!

Like many people around the world, I look at pornography once in a while. Sometimes I do so out of curiosity, boredom or because I’m feeling horny. The other times, I guess I just want something to masturbate to. In most cases, I enjoyed looking at hardcore porn videos of hot and sexy women. The adult content served its purpose and provided a means to an end. Still, it wasn’t something I would brag about or feel the need to tell others. That didn’t seem to be the case with virtual reality porn though. Not only with me, but other people I know who used it as well. In fact, it was because of their constant mentioning of how awesome it was that I became intrigued.

One weekend, a bunch of us were hanging out at a bar. We talked about a lot of different things from sports to women. Of course the conversation soon turned to sex and porn. Someone in our group had received a VR headset as a Christmas gift. He mentioned how he never really used it until a few weeks after. Once he did use it, he began to see how realistic it made everything appear. Our friend then heard others talking about virtual reality sex videos. It was then he decided to try it out for himself. According to him, the moment he did so, changed everything he thought he knew about pornography.

The entire experience floored him and left him shocked at how realistic it made the action seem. He said he actually spent hours at a time with his headgear on for a few days. At first, most of us made fun of him until he continued speaking. The more he boasted about the way it made him feel like he was inside the porno movie, the more intrigued we all became. Although I tried to act uninterested, deep inside I was very curious. That night, I ordered my own VR headset.

When my virtual reality goggles finally arrived, I was excited to try  it on. I put them on and spent a few minutes setting it all up. I had to download certain apps which allow you to play the VR porn videos. The next step was visiting adult sites. To my surprise, there were many adult pages offering virtual reality porno. But nothing prepared me for what happened next. When I clicked on a VR porn video of a porn star I had a thing for, I was in for a treat. She began talking to me seductively as she moved in front of my eyes. The 360 degree format by which the virtual reality videos was recorded, made it look so real. I was able to look all around in every direction without any distractions.

The sultry porn star soon began to strip and show off her delicious body. Unlike regular porn, her tits seemed close enough for me to grab. More importantly, like I could genuinely grab them. There was a half part of male body in the video which was supposed to be me. All you could see from the front view perspective was his dick. That 180-degree view made it appear like she was touching and sucking on my very own penis. All the while, the woman was right next to me doing all this. At least that’s what my eyes saw and I felt in mind. When she began to put her pussy in front of me, I could almost see it all. This was nothing like normal porn where it felt impersonal. Instead, my body and mind felt like this pornstar was there for me; with me.

I had heard before how immersive the experience of virtual reality porn was. However, that moment was when I finally understood why they said so. I was completely engrossed in what I was watching. The world could have collapsed and my house burst into flames. I would not have noticed any of that since I was in my own virtual reality porn world. When I finally jerked off to the VR porn movie, it was amazing. I almost felt like I have had sex with girl in the porno film.

The next few weeks had me sitting in my room with my headgear on. I spent hours at a time looking at all kinds of virtual reality sex movies. Each time, the experience was one I could not forget. VR porn is so much different than regular smut. It’s like looking at a hot woman in an adult magazine and then watching her in a recorded video. That difference is why magazines are almost obsolete. VR porn goes even further. They make the girl in the video seem real and like you are there with her.

Now, I finally understood why my friends and others raved and boasted about VR porn. Just like them, I was the one telling everyone how awesome it is. Perhaps once you try it, you too will begin lauding and telling people about your experience. I know I did, and I am not ashamed to say I love VR porn.